Royce Gracie and Eddie Bravo had an ‘altercation’ after Metamoris 3

The drama just won’t stop coming out of Metamoris 3. This time, it’s Royce Gracie talking crap on Eddie Bravo after his rematch with Royler Gracie. Yes, Royce is a legend, but he’s made a habit out of making his ego the center of all attention, so this isn’t surprising. But still, it’s in bad taste. This is what Royce said to MMAFighting:

“I wanted to talk to him for years, but never had the chance to meet him, I met him after the fight and he was there, throwing up. Royler dominated him so much, he did so much strength, that he threw up after the fight.”

“I told him that I liked what he said after the fight, but didn’t like the fact that he always talked trash about Royler and my family,” he said. “He stood up and started yelling, so I also raised the tone of my voice and told him I didn’t like it.”

“He said he always gave my family credit, but I know it’s not true,” Gracie continued. “He always talks trash about my family. Enough with this s—. He said he never talked bad about my family and he always gave us credit. He kept raising the tone of his voice, and I told him to shut up, so Jean Jacques (Machado) came in, said we didn’t need this and asked (Bravo) to leave.”