Gracie Breakdown: Luke Rockhold’s One-Armed Guillotine Feat. CM Punk

Gracie brothers Rener and Ryron break down Luke Rockhold’s one-armed guillotine victory over Michael Bisping at UFC Fight Night 55 with the assistant of their friend and former WWE superstar CM Punk.

Punk is a known friend and trainee of the Gracie brothers and has even appeared in past “Gracie Breakdown” videos.

In the most recent breakdown we get a deeper look into how Rockhold perfectly executed the one-armed or one-handed guillotine choke that submitted Michael Bisping for the first time in his MMA career.

At the end of the video, like always Rener and Ryron announce the prize they will be giving away to one lucky winner. This time it’s free tickets to “Metamoris 5,” which will be headlined by Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Renzo Gracie, courtesy of their brother Ralek, President of Metamoris.

Watch the full “Gracie Breakdown” below: