Watch: UFC 185 Gracie Breakdown – Anthony Pettis

With Anthony Pettis’ main event bout with Rafael dos Anjos at UFC 185 on the horizon, Gracie brothers Rener and Ryron delivered a Gracie Breakdown of Pettis’ title-winning armbar of Benson Henderson.

All the way back in August of 2013, Pettis was able to find this slick armbar from his guard in just four minutes and thirty seconds. While the technique itself looks like a basic armbar from the guard, this specific technique is very hard to pull off against high-level competition and the intricasies that went into finishing the armbar we’re subtle, but spectacular.

Rener and Ryron explain each and every detail that made this submission possible and provide a step-by-step breakdown.

Check out the full UFC 185: Gracie Breakdown below: