MMANuts TV Guide: Week of 3/11 – 3/17

This isn’t 1993 anymore, Mixed Martial Arts programming is in your face like a spinning wheel kick. So how do you separate the grain from the chaff? How do you know what shows deserve your hard-earned attention? Well MMANutsis here to take your hand like a lost child in a supermarket to guide you to the delicious and most choice fights that you should watch. Then we will help you find your Mommy… Actually, we’re just kidding about that last part. We don’t know if we can find your lost parents. Sorry.

This is the MMANuts Guide to Your Week in MMA 3/11 – 3/17.

TUF Tuesday, March 12th at 8 PM EST on FX.


Team Jones and Team Sonnen once again traded wins, this time with Jones’ Clint Hester falling to the rear naked choke of Team Sonnen’s Jimmy Quinlan. This means Jon Jones has to wear the Team Sonnen jersey for a single practice, thus fulfilling their wager at the bowling alley from the previous episode. For some reason, even though much to his post-show disdain, Urijah Hall is being made out to be a pretty scary bad guy, my interest is waning in the show rather quickly. We have about six more episodes to go, and even halfway through I’m seeing the same old tire TUF formulas leaping abound. Granted, I still stand by the fact that the production values have helped renew my interest in the show, but they need to focus on the training more. This week’s fight is between Sonnen’s #3 pick Zak Cummings and Jones’ last pick Dylan Andrews to settle the final fight of the opening rounds.

This fight in my opinion is a bit of a mismatch, but I’m still invested enough to be interested in the next round of the tournament, thus SKIP IT.

We will re-evaluate next week.

There’s no Bellator next week, so recoup and meditate on GSP/Diaz. Watch this trailer to get you hyped up.

AXS TV Fights presents: Lion Fight 9.

Friday, March 15th at 10PM EST on AXS TV.


OK, OK, so it isn’t MMA, and we are MMA Nuts after all, but there is nothing sweeter than a little Muay Thai action to add a little variety to your combat sport life. Marcus Simon takes and Artem Levin are fighting first Heavyweight Title Fight at Lion Fight, and there are a smattering of other good matchups on the card.

UFC 158.

Saturday, March 16th at 9pm EST on PPV.


This is the big one: Condit vs. Hendricks, the return of Nate Marquardt to the UFC at welterweight against Jake Ellenberger. What else? Chris Camozzi will scrap with Nick Ring. Beauty and the beast battle as Mike Ricci takes on Colin “Freakshow” Fletcher… What else? I feel like I’m forgetting something…

Ah yes, GSP and Diaz. Over a year in the making and the ultimate battle of good guy and bad guy. This has more angles than Shakespeare. Nick Diaz – the anti-hero and superhero of “anti-bullshit” takes on the immaculate GSP. The camps are divided, people are arguing in the streets over who is going to win, and it all goes down in a mere few days.

This fight stresses me the hell out. Can Diaz stop the takedowns of GSP that are obviously coming? Will GSP finally be dethroned? Man. I can’t handle even typing about this fight any more. Skip it. Wait, what? NO! WATCH! MY GOD WATCH! The future of the welterweight division as we know it will revolve around this show for possibly years to come!