Author of UFC 158 ‘.9’ Weigh-In Controversy Video Counters UFC’s Claim

We’ve all seen the video by now of a UFC official telling the Diaz camp that in Canada there was a “Canadian loophole” for the weigh-ins where the decimal point was going to simply not count. It has become a cornerstone of the Diaz camp and fans’ argument that something was fishy in Canada leading into UFC 158, but the UFC filed a claim that it violated their copyrights and the video was taken down.

The owner of the video, Nick McDermott, is upset that there is now a DMCA “strike” on his YouTube account when he believes that it was undeserved. He is not fighting the decision from YouTube to take the video down and have a strike against him. We are still awaiting the decision and to see what happens with this video, as well as with the whole scenario in general.