Nick Diaz Promotions — WAR MMA Coming Soon

There is something to be said for fighters like Nick Diaz, guys who don’t conform to any sort of mold and do things on their own terms. Diaz had his last fight in the UFC at UFC 158 where he went to war with Georges St. Pierre and came up a bit short. He decided that he was retired then, unless he was to get another shot at GSP or another big fight like that. Things still seem to be sort of up-in-the-air in regards to the future for Nick Diaz in the UFC, but if things go forward with this plan that Diaz seems to have, it might hurt his relationship with the UFC even more.

Nick Diaz has registered and this photo on that site seems to indicate that WAR Mixed Martial Arts is going to become a reality soon. It will be interesting to see what Nick Diaz’s take on MMA looks like as well as who he partners up with and if he just runs small, regional events or if he actually wants to compete with the big boys. I think for now expect a 209-based promotion that will have a lot of internet buzz and maybe get streamed in some places.

As we’ve seen from Strikeforce in the past, that area of California really is a hotbed for MMA and with the right local stars could really become a regional force to be reckoned with.