GSP Admits to Weighing 170.4lbs For UFC 158 Bout with Nick Diaz

We all knew that something was up with UFC 158’s weigh-ins, especially after a video was posted online showing a representative from the UFC discussing the “Canadian loophole” with the Diaz camp, informing them that Nick could technically weigh in almost a full pound over without any repercussions. There is now an issue of Diaz hiring a lawyer in an attempt to have the decision overturned and the title vacated or to get himself a rematch.

According to Georges St. Pierre, he believes that he weighed in at 170.4lbs for the weigh-in, not 170lbs.

You can’t make this up. GSP has admitted that he believes he was over the weight limit for a Championship bout due to Canadian officials allowing it to happen. This is not going to make conspiracy theorists happy.