Michael McDonald Claims to be Abstinent For Over Three Years


I’m really not sure what a man would have to gain from such a feat, but UFC Bantamweight Michael McDonald has been making the press rounds to promote UFC on Fox 9 where he’ll fight Urijah Faber and has made a claim that he has no had sex in over three and a half years now, which seems like an awfully long time for just about any male, especially one on television like he is.

I’m not sure if this really helps Michael McDonald or not, but he seems to think it might help. [link]

“Do you cut sex out before a fight?” Bueller asked him.

“I’ve actually been abstinent from sex for about 3 and a half years now,” McDonald replied. Momentary silence then Bueller cried, “So he’s gonna kick some ass! This is why you’ve been on such a tear!”

“It’s very arguable,” McDonald responded.

Also, according to a video released by the UFC today, Michael McDonald claims that he hears about Urijah Faber a lot… at church. I can’t imagine going to church (I’d like to end the sentence here) and having a discussion about Urijah Faber, but maybe I just don’t know of churches that discuss the California Kid often.