New Weigh-in Program | New MMA Scoring System | MMANUTS | EP # 273

1) One FC new Weigh-in Program [4:01]
2) More thoughts on weight classes [14:03]
3) Road FC’s new MMA Scoring System [16:20]
4) UFC 3 Competitor Emanuel Yarbrough passes away [20:14]
5) Nick Diaz gets his bike stolen [20:50]
6) Anderson Silva vs Michael Bisping [22:53]
7) Matt Mitrione not happy with his pay [24:33]
8) PED’s [29:33]

1) Who would break the other guy first (mentally) Conor or Nate? Can you describe the scenario? [34:42]
2) What would you guy think of a McGregor v. Barbosa at lightweight? Who’s spin kicks are better? [38:03]
3) If you could choose one fighter to go on a 3 win streak, one to go on a 5 win streak and another to go a 7 win streak who would you choose? I personally would choose Jose Aldo for the 3 win streak so he could get his title back, I would chose Demian Maia for 5 win streak because he is so humble and great human being and for the 7 win streak i would choose CM Punk only to see chaos that it would bring on the UFC. [38:34]

4) Do you think Silva can finish Bisping? [42:14]

New Star Wars Movie [43:11]

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