Watch the UFC 161 extended preview right here, featuring Hendo and Rashad Evans

I could go on and on about tearing Hendo’s title shot from him, and granting Vitor Belfort and Chael Sonnen shots at Jon Jones’ belt, and how incredibly lame and confusing that was. And I could also discuss how my confusion is spun further out of control when what was seemingly a number one contender shot between Hendo and Machida suddenly wasn’t… And now Machida and Hendo are even further away from Bones’ title. Yet Gustaffson moves up by not fighting Mousasi?

As you can tell, I’m bitter…And confused. I hated the idea of Rashad vs. Hendo, as it has the potential to be a very boring fight. But now that I watch this UFC 161 extended preview, I’m kinda pumped. They’re two big names, and I want to see something interesting happen. And who doesn’t like Roy Nelson?