Vitor Belfort reminds the world that he “always wins” via his mental fortitude.

There’s no mention of TRT, however.

Now, I’m not suggesting that I’m not a Vitor fan, I am a fan of Vitor Belfort, a big fan, I just don’t like his double talk. He’s actually come out and said recently that he’s never cheated even after he tested positive for steroids after a 2006 Pride loss to Dan Henderson.

Come on, Vitor!

With that said, I love watching Vitor fight, and for some other reason, I like watching Vitor prepare for a fight. In the weeks leading up to his battle he always comes up with some pretty far out there analogies and personifications. It’s pretty entertaining to say the least. The latest of these pseudo-inspiring training sessions in preparation for Luke Rockhold this weekend in Brazil on UFC on FX 8 is brought to us by, check it out.