Three middleweight fights I want Lyoto Machida to consider

The Machida era 2.0 has begun in earnest. At 185, Machida looked just as fast if not faster than he has ever before, and he has vaulted himself right into middleweight title contention with a first round knockout over Mark Munoz. Man, it was AWESOME.

I’m riding this feeling high, so here are 3 middleweight fights that are somewhat obvious, but not necessarily, that I want Machida to take, and win.

Vitor Belfort:

Belfort has been on a tear since he’s gone on the juice, I mean TRT. He’s knocked out Luke Rockhold, Michael Bisping and is at the top of the middleweight division. I say he takes on Belfort in Brazil in a huge main event. It would be awesome. But wait, before that, Machida should…

Take on Michael Bisping.

Yes, the middleweight gatekeeper to the stars would likely get destroyed by Machida, but I just feel like this should happen. I have no good reason for it, considering Machida may be ahead of Bisping in the rankings right now. But, if Machida defeated Belfort AND Bisping… Well, then he would fight…

Chris Weidman.

You know, after Anderson defeats him in the rematch and the rubber match. All of this would take a few years to play out, but I’m fine with that. Howabout you guys?