So Anthony Pettis separated his shoulder a few weeks before his fight with Ben Henderson

Anthony Pettis is a complete badass who is somehow extremely fragile. Am I right or am I right? He’s like the Darren McFadden of fighting but far, far better on the big stage. After injuring his knee and pulling out of the Jose Aldo fight, it turns out Pettis separated his shoulder 2 weeks before his lightweight title fight in Milwaukee. Pettis went on the MMA Hour and revealed the injury:

“You know what, my knee was fine, but I actually separated my shoulder two weeks before the [Henderson] fight, so, going into the fight I had a separated right shoulder. My jitz coach [Daniel Wanderley] rolled a little too hard and he slammed me on my shoulder, and I separated my shoulder two weeks before the fight.

“The last two weeks before the camp all I could do was roll really light. I couldn’t spar. For me it was just a mental thing. I’ve been through that before. It sucks that it happened two before the fight, but I wasn’t backing out of that one.”

“No, not at all,” he said. “I just told me coach I’m going to settle down the last two weeks. I mean, I had a super-long training camp. From February until August I was training and getting ready for title fights. So I was 100 percent ready, but things happen. Every fighter can tell you, you never go into a fight 100 percent healthy.”