Rick Story joins GSP’s camp, somewhat betraying Johny Hendricks

Rick Story is actually an ex-training partner of Johny Hendricks, did you know that? It’s true. Rick Story is also the only man to defeat Johny Hendricks, and now GSP has employed the Horror Story to spend 8 weeks in Montreal to teach the welterweight King the ways of the Bigg Rigg.

This is a veteran move by GSP, and it also helps Story prepare for Brian Ebersole who he fights at UFC 167 as well.

“I wasn’t convinced at first.” Story said. “But I told myself it would be good for my career to work with a such a reputable camp. I am certain Johny [Hendricks] will understand my decision to come here. I have to do everything to succeed and he’ll understand that.”

What do you think? Is this a sneaky move, or totally acceptable?