Reddit comes to the rescue of Bellator champ Attila Vegh’s injury-free title reign.

In Two months we will see King Mo attempt to get his revenge on Emmanuel Newton for the interim Bellator light heavyweight championship, but there’s a problem: there’s no need for an interim fight, as Attila Vegh isn’t injured. Yep, Bellator is putting that fight together simply because they think the fans want to see it, and they are snubbing their real champion, who has to sit on the sidelines and not get paid for months and months and months.

There has been some back and forth about what Attila Veigh is saying to the media, considering it’s all in Polish, so Reddit took to R/Poland to get his latest interview translated. It seems that everything is consistent, Vegh is getting screwed:

(I – interviewer, S – Slovak guy)

I: I want to ask you about your career in Bellator. You are champion of this organisation. But lately it was said that you had an injury, your fight can’t happen. You are here on the training and everything looks great. What’s up with that injury?

S: It was due to Bellator’s business. Cause people want to watch the fight Kimo (Keemo?) versus Newton revenge. So my fight will be postponed to January, in November will be fight of Kimo and Newton and I will be with the winner – whoever wins, Kimo or Newton. So this isn’t injury, everything is all right, but (??? they have to?) write.

I: Aren’t you annoyed with such attitude? You are champion of this organisation and here you are moved away.

S: It can be (not sure if the meaning of “it can happen” or “I can tolerate it”). I’m not at home. At home they want me to be American champion, but (???) for free.

I: Can you fight in the meantime, somewhere else? Did you ask about it? Usually Bellator requires a permission. But I think if they postpone your fight, then they should allow you some performance in the autumn. Do you have such plans?

S: I don’t have plans. (???) that in September will be fight. Then they called me that in January. Now I will have a bit of relax. (???). In October we will start (??? to prepare?), but I’m not going on any fight, I will fight on January.

Bellator wants to make more money, so they organise fight in November between two other popular fighters and postponed the fight of the Slovak guy to January (he will fight with the winner of November’s fight).