Murilo Bustamante says Palhares hurt training partners often

It just won’t go away, this Paul Harris talk, and it just keeps getting worse for him too. His ex-trainer, the legendary Mutilo Bustamante had this to say about Palhares:
“I can say this – nobody ever defended him as much as I did every time he made a mistake like this. In the beginning I thought it was because he was naive or had too much nervous energy during the fights.

“But then he caused a lot of incidents inside my academy during his camps and I changed my mind. I got tired of seeing how he hurts people so often when he is sparring, especially when he has a fight coming up. We used to argue every time it happened, so we argued a lot.

“That was a reason – together with his nonsense excuses every time he lost a fight – that our relationshipstarted to get bitter. I actually hired a psychologist to help me with him but, as we have seen, it didn’t work.”