Michael Page wins impressively yet again at Super Fight League 15, but is he overhyped?

Hype, hype, hype. Hype is everywhere this weekend. Hype from the buzz around Uriah hall and the incoming cast of TUF 17, and across the pond, more hype for the massively successful Michael Page. However, there’s a dark underbelly to the hype-train that is Michael Page, and that’s his consistently pathetic opponents. Like, really pathetic. I would never fighter bash, but Michael Page is receiving world-class training and is a world-class martial artist already. He’s won ten world kickboxing championships and comes from a lineage of martial arts mastery. When will Page step it up in competition? Or am I pushing too hard?

Here’s his latest, short fight vs. 1-0 Ramdad Mohamed. You be the judge of this incredible talent.