Matt Brown “I’ll die before I give up.” Fight of the Night highlights inside.

If someone says they’ll die before they give up, don’t they mean they’ll never give up? How can you give up after you’re dead? That is the question I present to you on this fine, post- UFC on FOX 7 Sunday. What makes it even stranger is that Matt Brown, a self-proclaimed immortal (hence the nickname — The Immortal) uttered the phrase of “I’ll die before I give up.”

I feel like that’s some sort of paradox.

This is the conversation Matt Brown had with Ariel Helwani after his Fight of the Night performance against Jordan Mein, which extended his winning streak to five:

Matt Brown: Very hurt. Yeah he hit me just straight in the stomach, right in the solar plexus, and a couple weeks ago in training I took a guy down and landed on his knee right in the solar plexus and it hit the same spot. I’m not going to say it was because of the previous injury, because it was a good shot. For whatever reason, yeah, I was really close.

Ariel Helwani: Close to giving up?

Matt Brown: No I wasn’t giving up, I’ll die before I give up. But I was close to being incapacitated, not being able to defend myself. He got with a couple shots before, but I gathered myself enough to defend myself.

Think about giving up agter you’re dead, and let your mind explode.

Here’s the Fuel TV video highlights that will also make your mind burst: