Jon Fitch wouldn’t take a fight against Palhares in the WSOF

The Rousimar Palhares news just won’t stop, and that’s fine, I suppose. Everyone likes controversy, and everyone has something to say about holding onto a sub for “too long.” Walsh posted the timestamped video of Palhares’ leglock, and despite it being only 1 second after the referee stopped the fight, Palhares has been banned from the UFC, and now Bellator doesn’t want him. This leaves him wandering like a Ronin, looking for a place to fight. It looks like WSOF won’t be a very welcoming place either, as Jon Fitch has no interest in fighting Palhares.

“It was a second offense,” said Fitch. “Holding onto a submission too long, especially with a joint lock like that. You’re talking about ending someone’s career potentially. I think it was the right move (to release him). I personally wouldn’t accept a fight with [Palhares] because of those. One time maybe, but not twice. I would never even compete against him honestly. If he’s got that long of a history of holding onto them too long, his career should probably be done because no one should take a fight with him or a grappling match with him for that matter.”

“It would be the first time in my career that I turned down a fight.”