Joe Riggs talks about some nasty off-camera Fightmaster moments.

This is just gross, and horrible, but I still feel like it needs to be on TV. If Spike is going to rip off The Ultimate Fighter, then they should at least go full bore on the gross-out factor. If not, it’s just something we’ve seen for the last near decade. Am I right, or am I right? I think I’m right. Why purely rip something off? Just go for it, SPike. Just like Joe Riggs did when he rubbed his MMA Nuts on a camera and then put poo underwear on people’s lips.

“There was one time when a camera crew was getting on my nerves.  It was probably the fourth or fifth week, and they brought a camera in my room; and I knew the producers were watching downstairs, and they were going to put this on TV.  So I go and pull my pants down and start slapping my balls against the camera so they could see it.  That’s just me like a monkey just trying to relieve some tension by rubbing my balls.  They all come up, ‘God damnit, knock it off!’  I was just trying to have a little fun, because there’s really not s— to do.”

“There was a funny time where I had come from cutting weight. I talked to one of the producers, I’ll tell you guys because they don’t show this on TV.  I’d come from cutting weight, and I take my shorts off, my underwear off, and they’re all stained with s—, probably, and whatever, and I threw them in Tim Walsh’s face.  It was a perfect shot to the lips.  And he peels them off his face, and he wheels them at me, and it hits the camera guy right in the lips.  And he went down, talking about throwing up, because they were like saturated with sweat, piss and s—.  I was cutting weight, so I was sitting there like pissing myself.  It was bad.  There were some crazy times, but they didn’t really concentrate on that.”

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