GSP has a secret exit plan for his career, details inside.

Apparently, GSP has a secret plan that outlines the exit for his storied career in the most epic of fashions. This was secret at least until his former manager, Stéphane Patry, outed the welterweight GOAT’s exit strategy for all to know in Canadian sports website The title of the article was called: Le plan secret de Georges St-Pierre, which sounds way cooler than it is, but when you are talking about hurting Nick Diaz, defending your belt against the winner of Carlos Condit and Johny Hendricks then dethroning Anderson Silva – it may be best to keep your plan a secret for as long as possible.

Actually, why should you? This is awesome, and we wish we heard it from GSP a long time ago. Here’s the entire story from GSP’s ex-manager:

Georges St-Pierre has a plan, a plan in place, a plan in which there are three chapters. On January 11, while enjoying good meal at Café Ferreira on Peel Street Montreal, surrounded by a group of mutual friends, we had a great evening to talk about the past, present and future – as we did almost religiously several times a week when I was his manager. It was a special evening, a reunion, yes, but also an evening where we talked about his career, his strategy and what comes next for our national hero. We of course discussed Nick Diaz, Johny Hendricks, and Anderson Silva.

I was Georges’ manager for over five years, and I had the chance to know this impressive athlete in his infancy, while fighting for my organization at the time (UCC), up until he became world champion in the UFC for the first time (against Matt Hughes) and then suffered the loss of this title at the hands of Matt Serra. Our paths were then removed, but I continued to follow with interest the career of an athlete who has certainly made me live my biggest thrills in professional sports. The athlete has changed, but the man remains the same. Simple, courteous, and thoughtful.

There was talk of Nick Diaz, his opponent Saturday night … At this time, January 11, he did not hate Diaz, it was just the business, but I can confirm today that a few months later, and he will really hurt him in the octagon Saturday night. There will be qualified coaches behind him, and an entourage intent on calming his enthusiasm before the fight, so he does become too emotional when the bell rings. But the game plan will be to defeat Diaz, and hurt him.

Firas Zahabi will be the quiet strength in his corner, the strategist, but there will also Kristof Midoux, who will be there to motivate Georges as ever. It was also exciting to see Midoux work when walking to the Octagon for the fight against Carlos Condit and in the corner before the fight. Midoux brought passion to St-Pierre’s game, he reminded him that he was a warrior. With Midoux in his corner, George is also undefeated.

Does George have a game plan for the rest of his career? Of course. His plan is detailed and intelligent. While Georges has said publicly he refuses to think beyond Nick Diaz, it is not so the plan is already decided. And when it came to this famous plan, I saw a fire in his eyes that I had not seen in years. Obviously, this plan cannot be implemented in the event of a defeat by Nick Diaz, but let’s be honest, this scenario is not part of the plan… Should he not get a victory against Diaz, he will then face the winner of the fight between Carlos Condit and Johny Hendricks.

Georges believes that Hendricks has talked too much since his KO victory at the Bell Centre against Martin Kampmann, it has displeased him, annoyed more than you might think. When he told media representatives that Hendricks did not deserve to win against Josh Koscheck in May 2012, he really felt it. He looked at the replay of a fight a few times, and thought Koscheck won two of the three rounds of the fight. But Hendricks, if he wins against Condit, is part of Georges St-Pierre plan. If it’s up to him, Hendricks will be the co-star of the second chapter of his plan. Hendricks is dangerous, as George knows very well. And never forget that GSP often keeps the best for last when establishing a plan.

But what is the 3rd chapter of the plan drawn up by Georges St-Pierre himself? Yep, you guessed it – it is Anderson Silva. Stop believing he does not want to face Silva, Georges dreams of the clash. He dreams to retire at the peak of his glory in being recognized as a legend, as the greatest fighter of all time. And to do that, it must be considered the best fighter on the planet “pound for pound” … Why not super fight now? Because George has a well-established plan for the rest of his career, and he will follow it to the letter. There are now many stars to align so that the plan remains perfect … He must defeat Nick Diaz on Saturday night, defend his title once more against the winner of Condit-Hendricks, and then prepare for a clash of the titans…

Speaking of stars, they must also align to Silva, who must defeat Chris Weidman.

This scenario is so dreamed of, and so well planned, that I feel that the stars will align for the third and final chapter. George turns 32 next May, and this dream fight could take place in late 2013 or early 2014. And what will happen there in the future? If Georges wins during the clash against Anderson Silva, I strongly feel he will retire in glory, like all great athletes have always dreamed of doing. If the game plan is really to perfection, he will retire being recognized as the greatest athlete in the history of mixed martial arts. He will be recognized as one that has dominated the 170-pound division during all these years, having defeated one by one all the challengers who have risen up to him, and he will also be recognized as the first fighter to have overcome Anderson Silva in the UFC octagon.

Plans are not always perfect, and the stars are not always aligned, but this is indeed the game plan of Georges St-Pierre. Chapter One, Saturday night at the Bell Centre.