Gonzaga camp to appeal Travis Browne win due to illegal elbows.

Between Kim Winslow’s no-calls on Maximo Blanco’s cage grabbing, her early stoppage of Tate/Zingano, and this controversial fight between Gabriel Gonzaga and Travis Browne, I’ve had enough drama for a weekend. If you missed it last night, Gonzaga was shooting in on Travis Browne and put him against the cage, where the Hawaiian then reigned elbows down into the side and back of Gonzaga’s skull until he was unconscious.

Some said the hits were fair, some say the fight should be changed to a No Contest, Dana White thinks the hits were fine:

“Me and Joe Silva looked at a replay of it on the Internet,” said White. “he was out with the ones to the side (of the head), and then he hit him with a couple more to the back of the head after he was already out. That’s the way that I saw it.”

“You know me, if I didn’t think the referees did a good job I would tell you. They did a good job tonight, considering the bad situations tonight when people were in bad situations, they did a good job tonight of stopping the fights.”

Gabriel Gonzaga’s manager,Marco Alvan, says they will appeal to the Nevada Athletic Commission. This is what he said to the fans via Facebook.

“Guys Gabriel Gonzaga is ok, thanks for the messages,” wrote Alvan.

“I need to review it to count how many illegal elbows but Its a fact that it was illegal. I contacted Keith Kizer head of Nevada Athletic Comission and he told me to file a complaint and he would review it.
I true believe it was illegal. I never complaint about a losses who knows me know that I handle it good but illegal we can not accept.”

“We appeal to the Nevada State Athletic Commission because we think were the illegal elbows neck. Whenever we had accepted any defeat, but this was illegal.”

“This video is clear about the elbow.

Here is the replay. What do you guys think?