Tweet of the Century: Donald Cerrone Offers to Fight Anderson Silva at UFC 183

By now we all know that Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone is a badass.

Cerrone, who is ranked third in the UFC’s lightweight division and is currently riding a seven-fight winning streak, has offered to step up to fight former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva three days from now in the main event of UFC 183 if need be.

The fight currently booked as UFC 183’s headliner is a bout between Silva and Nick Diaz. However, as shown on episode one of “UFC 183: Embedded,” Diaz failed to board his flight to Las Vegas, which isn’t out of character for the elder Diaz brother. Diaz is a perennial wild-card and has been a liability in the past for the promotion; it wouldn’t be the biggest shock if Diaz failed to show up all together.

This leaves a possible opening for Cerrone. Cerrone, who has already fought twice in January, winning both times via unanimous decision, wouldn’t be the most likely candidate, but could be one of the limited choices on such short notice.

In the end, there’s a 99 percent chance that this won’t happen, but let’s just take this time to acknowledge how absolutely insane (in the best way possible), Donald Cerrone is.