Dana White says Fedor %*$&#’s himself to sleep at night, or something like that?

The whole idea of Fedor in the Octagon has been titillating us fight fans for years, and the possibility of it ever happening seems to be immortal. Yep, a year after his retirement, the  Fedor to the UFC talk is still going on, and it’s still jsut as heartbreaking as it ever was. “Brock vs. Fedor” will forever be the litmus of a superfight that will never happen, almost like Ronda and Cyborg now, but it seems like co-owner of M-1 and Fedor’s manager, Vadim Finklestein, just likes to tear out the hearts of Fedor’s fans and step on them like a used cigaretter butt.

I’m sorry, I’m bitter, bitter like a man who has had his hopes and dreams crushed one too many times.

Bleacher Report discussed Fedor with UFC President Dana White at the post fight UFC 159 scrum. This is what he said about the ordeal. Ugh.

“That’s cool of him. So now Fedor’s retired, M-1 Global didn’t work and now he’s open to working with us? He’s a smart dude,” “Vadim blew it in every way possible that you could blow it.  We went there, we made Fedor an incredible offer and M-1 was a part of that whole thing cause I don’t know how that whole relationship works, but if he would have come in and he would have fought—he would have made a lot of money.”

“That dude must f—-ing go to bed every night and lay down and just motherf— himself until he falls asleep.” said White of Finkelstein. “Seriously. he must. I don’t even know how it’s possible how he couldn’t.”

Yeah, it’s true, they did make him an incredible offer a few years ago. Want me to go into details?

  • The UFC offered Fedor a 6 fight, 30 million dollar contract.
  • The UFC offered Fedor an immediate title shot
  • Lesnar/Fedor would be the biggest PPV in MMA history (we assume), and the UFC offered M-1 Global a cut of the PPV on top of Fedor’s purse.
  • Fedor was free to wear as many M-1 logoed items as he wished.
  • The UFC also relented on allowing Fedor to compete in combat sambo.

The big deal though, was M-1’s insistence to co-promote in the Octagon, which has since been lifted. Listen: I’m still down to see Fedor in the Octagon, even at 36-years-old. Let’s just do it.