Chuck Liddell says he would’ve beat Anderson Silva back in the day.

Ehhh, I dunno, Chuck. As much as I love you and your run in the mid 00’s, I don’t know if you could take down this current Anderson. I mean, it’s a weird discussion anyways. Are you saying you’ll cut to 185 pounds, Chuck? And why am I talking to you through this article? What is more strange, me extrapolating on this punch drunk statement of yours that you probably made as an off remark to O Globo (it’s true) or that I keep on addressing this article as if I were talking right to you?

Where does this fight place, Chuck? At what weight class? At 185… You don’t make it. Prime Chuck partied too much. At 205, like the Overeem fight, maybe. Or maybe not.
“I would beat him, I always said that I would. I have the advantage in weight and height, so it would be more likely that I would beat him,” he said. “ But Anderson is one of my favorite fighters.”
What do you guys think?