Anthony Pettis vs. Benson Henderson II Now Happening At UFC 164

UFC 164 on August 31 was scheduled to have a main event lightweight title fight between Benson Henderson and TJ Grant. Then there was that whole thing of Anthony Pettis pulling out of the fight with Jose Aldo at UFC 163 and saying that he wanted to fight Henderson at 164. Well, that is now happening.

TJ Grant is out of the fight with Benson Henderson and Anthony Pettis will take his spot, making this a highly anticipated rematch.  No cause has been stated yet for Grant being out of the fight but I’m pretty sure we can all figure it out for ourselves. Pettis is from Milwaukee, where the event is taking place, and the event needs a boost in ticket sales. Also, Pettis-Henderson II is just awesome and everyone wants it more than Grant-Henderson anyway.

Pettis and Henderson first fought at the WEC’s last event, WEC 53, where Pettis won a unanimous decision and became the last WEC lightweight champion.