The Answer to What Kind of Lover Jens Pulver Is


Jason and myself have a rather… well… “odd” podcast that we run called The Superchat. It’s not always about MMA, but the past few have been about MMA because there have been a few interesting MMA events going down. This is just a preface for you so that you understand that The Superchat is not always going to be about MMA. Last night’s UFC Fight Night Shogun vs. Henderson 2 was quite an event, so we had our friend Jens Pulver join us to discuss it (although we aren’t sure that he watched it) and things just went from there.

Jens Pulver is, as always, an infinite source of awesomeness, with us even figuring out that you can link everyone within the MMA world (and some outside of it) back to Jens. He’s basically the Kevin Bacon of the MMA world. Then, the coup de grace is, without question, us making Jens take a Cosmo Sex Quiz to find out what kind of “Sexy” he is. I’m not sure that Jens Pulver has ever done an interview like this before, or if he ever will again, but Jens Pulver is hilarious. Check out the episode below or at