Anderson Silva Fails Post Fight Drug Test

The Nevada State Athletic Commission has announced that Anderson Silva failed a test administered on January 31st immediately after his fight with Nick Diaz. He tested positive for Oxazepam, Temazepam, and Drostanalon. The first two drugs are used to treat anxiety and insomnia respectively while Drostanalon is an anabolic steroid. A disciplinary hearing will take place most likely sometime in March.

Anderson has remained vigilant in his denial of taking any banned substances up until now with statements such as the one below released around the time of his first drug failure. Only time will tell if the former champ will come clean to the fans or if this is some series of unfortunate misunderstandings.

“This is my nineteenth fight in the UFC, I have been thoroughly tested many times and have never had a positive drug test. I have not taken any performance-enhancing drugs.  My stance on drugs is, and will always be, the same.  I’m an advocate for a clean sport.”