Alan Belcher received 8 stitches to his eyelid, here’s the pic.

Not that bad for 8 stitches to the eyelid, eh? Frankly, I was expecting some horrible gore, but thankfully, it looks like Alan Belcher’s continuing saga of damage to his eyes has another chapter added to his story, and he will fully recover from the damage Bisping delivered.

If you don’t remember, a few years ago, Alan’s career was in jeopardy when he had multiple retina surgeries to fix his vision. For a while there, the world thought Alan Belcher and his Johny Cash tattoo were gone from MMA forever, but he recovered, beat up Paul Harris, then lost to Yushim Okami and Michael Bisping is disappointing fashion.

Going into 159, the last thing anyone wanted to see was Belcher having blood ooze out of his eye, but that’s what we got. Luckily all of the damage was to Alan’s eyelid, and not his retina. Now two days later we have this picture.

Get well soon, Alan!
AlanBelcher_eye_UFC159 (1)