Destiny’s economy and Exotics to be tweaked very soon

Destiny’s long-awaited new economy and exotic weapon tuning are on their way, and from the sound of things, the patch will be arriving pretty shortly.  The patch may arrive early next week.

Destiny players have been calling for changes to the balance of under-powered Exotic weapons, and for new ways to earn and spend the game’s many currencies, which has been a pretty big complaint.  While we still don’t have an ETA, the latest Weekly Update on suggests there’s really not long to wait now.

“If your favorite exotic is in need of aid and succour, help is on the way,” community manager David “Deej” Dague wrote.

“We’re about to give you more reasons to covet almost all of the Exotics in the Grimoire deck. With the last update behind us, we can start to telegraph the next. Exotics are about to come off the workbench. We’ll be shuffling the cards before The Dark Below launches. Just in time for fresh targets. We know you’ve been waiting and asking while we’ve been working.

“The economy of war in the City is being updated along with the rarest and most unique guns on your rack. Even the marks you’ve earned will have new buyers who hold what your arsenal craves. I’m saving the numbers for the notes that are being written up right now. ”