Destiny patch 1.1.2 data reveals two new social spaces for Gaurdians

Destiny’s latest 1.1.2 patch has been data mined by eagle eyed users whom have unveiled information regarding two new social spaces. Reddit user ShadwFlm has provided a full breakdown on what has been uncovered so far in the latest patch, including:

  • The two forthcoming social spaces are called ‘Queen’s Bay’ and ‘Halls of Amentet’. Queens Bay is found on Reef, a thus far largely unused area of the game where players will be able to collect Reef bounties. Halls of Amentet will require players to have Trials of Osiris experience in order to enter.
  • One new Strike called The Shadow Thief.
  • Three new Story missions.
  • One new Raid called The Prison of Elders.
  • Three new PvP maps.
  • 46 new ship schematics, including an Exotic titled ‘Manus Celer Dei’.

Bungie recently confirmed that the forthcoming House of Wolves DLC expansion – set to launch on May 19 – won’t include a Raid, but it looks like it’ll still be worth it when it launches.