Bungie “always” looking at Exotic changes for Destiny updates

Destiny developer Bungie won’t stop tweaking their Exotic weapons, with new improvements coming in future updates.  In a recent developer Q&A on the Bungie.net forums, Bungie staffer Newsk said the team is always looking at how to improve Exotics.

“We’ll continue to try and find the right balance for all the exotic guns. We know they’re special. We consider them important items in the Destiny world and they will always be looked at for future patches,” they wrote.

Newsk said creating Exotics is “very tricky” because Bungie tries to make them “unique and useful”.

“Unique implies different and special. Useful implies accessible and understandable to many players. Some exotics do this well and some leave players wanting a little bit more,” they wrote.

“I will never forget an interaction I had with a co-worker during the first exotic patch. He was lamenting Thorn, he didn’t like the slow reload or the shallow six round magazine. This was addressed in the patch. We gave it nine rounds and a faster reload.

“The day after the patch went live, he sadly told me he thought Thorn had lost its character. Even though it got better and we had addressed his pain point, his fantasy of what made Thorn unique was reduced.”