Meet Shannon Ihrke | MMA Ring Card Girl and Loop Rock Girl (PICS)

What’s up peeps?! My name is Shannon Ihrke and I’m Chicago’s 2013 Loop Rock Girl!  We’ll get back to what that means exactly in a minute but let’s get to the meat and potatoes first: I’m 24, I’m originally from northern Minnesota, and I moved out of the state when I was 19 to join the Marine Corps.  While in, I spent time in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Illinois.  I specialized in legal administration and accounting while also going to school online at Ashford University to finish my marketing degree.  After dedicating four years to the military, I decided to focus solely on my modeling career and moved to Chicago, where I was‘livin’ on a prayer’ as Bon Jovi says (or sings, whichever).

October 29th 2012, my prayers were answered when I won Chicago’s Loop Rock Girl Contest.  The Loop is a classic rock radio station based out of Chicago and every year they have a contest to see who will become their annual spokes model.  In short, I have the greatest job in the world – I get to rock all year long!  As a model, some of my greatest work includes being a 2011 Maxim Hometown Hottie Finalist, finishing in the top 10!  I’m now in Maxim Magazine regularly and just had a four page spread inside their annual military issue.  In addition, I have also been featured in Show Off Magazine, Empire Radio Magazine and Fight! Magazine and was on the cover of Scrapp Magazine.

Besides modeling, my true passion is MMA and working as a ring girl for mixed martial arts events.  I started becoming an MMA enthusiast when I was in the Marine Corps and my passion for the sport only continues to grow.  I’ve written for online MMA blogs and will start to update The Loop’s MMA page on their website as well.  Being a ring girl has been a thrilling time and I’ve be blessed enough to work with fight organizations such as Pro Elite, King of the Cage, Driller Promotions, Hidden Talent MMA, Flawless Fighting Championships, Bellator, and was most recently announced as Invicta Fight Championships newest Phoenix Girl.  When I’m not working with the radio station, modeling, or at an MMA fight, I enjoy working out, traveling, going to sporting events, trying out new restaurants, being active outdoors, and picking on my little brothers.

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