Quinn Mulhern Retires After UFC Singapore Loss

It seems like the consensus of those that either woke up early or stayed up late to watch UFC Fight Night Singapore was that the card was not worth the struggle of watching at such a late hour, nor would it be worth the $10 a month for UFC Fight Pass to watch such a card. Part of the complaints that I heard were that the level of talent on the card was just not that high with the name Quinn Mulhern thrown about as a guy that had no right being in the UFC.

Of course, Quinn Mulhern was in the UFC before UFC Fight Night Singapore, but we’ll ignore that for the time being. Quinn is probably a pretty cool dude, as he went to St. John’s College in Santa Fe which I’ve known a few people who went there and they were pretty crazy, but fun and intelligent people. Quinn Mulhern might be those things, but he probably wasn’t a UFC fighter, but he knows that and has retired via Facebook. [source]

Hey guys. First, just let me express how grateful I am for the love and support of a whole community of people. Especially those folks who have been with me from the beginning of my MMA career. I love you all, thank you.

The dust hasn’t settled exactly so I wouldn’t normally do this now…but it feels like it’s the right time: I am retiring from MMA.

This camp was as perfect as they come. Everything fell into place, mentally, physically…my weight cut was a success. I got to a place of mental focus where I have never been before. But when I got in the cage I just didn’t have it. It wasn’t nerves, I didn’t freeze…I just didn’t have the physical gifts or skill the win. Bottom line is that I could put in years of continued work but I won’t be competitive at this level. Perhaps I’d get quite a bit better, but I think if rather spend that time on something new. I feel this in my bones.

So this is not a tantrum of self-pity. In fact, I feel very clear and good about this decision. I’m so grateful to have done what I’ve done. I’ve gotten to travel all over the world and to fight professionally over twenty times. But this is it.

Now what to do next is the question. I’ll leave that alone for a while. But I’m hopeful and excited for the next step.

The phrase that was the theme of my training camp was “All in due time.” I think that phrase is quite fitting, even now.