Dana White defends the idea of an immediate title shot for Gina Carano

Yes. 100% yes. Give Gina the title shot. At least she’ll be able to sell the fight in an interesting fashion, and she has the ties back to Cyborg, so if/when Ronda beats Gina, Ronda can maybe finally face cyborg with equal notches in their belts.

I think this would be the best thing for MMA in 2014. Get Gina. Do whatever you need to do, Dana. Here’s what the boss said:

“I do think she does deserve an immediate title shot.” White said. “She’s legit, everybody knows she’s legit. When I met with her, if some of these people said half the shit to me that she said to me when we met, I’d love it. I love what she had to say and I’m excited.

“Wait till you guys here what this girl has to say. It’s absolutely fascinating talking to her. I don’t ever use this word ever; I don’t think I’ve ever used it in my life – she’s one of the most charming human beings that I have ever met. When you sit down and listen to what she has to say about fighting, it’s awesome.”