George St-Pierre’s trainer and mentor wants him to retire and start a family, but first…

GSP is only 32-years-old, which is pretty incredible considering how long he’s been at the top, or near the top of his division. What’s also incredible is the fact that GSP is looking to get out early, and get out on top, which is something that rarely happens at any sport. GSP has beaten all comers, he’s done everything he needs to do in order to say he has left a GOAT legacy in the welterweight division and on MMA as a whole.

I don’t know if “selfish” is the correct work as his trainer, Kristof Midoux puts it, more like just finishing your career to move on. If GSP wins, I would love to see him retire, but only if he stayed retired.

“Me, I told him ‘after this one, it’s over! Shine on that night. Finish that dude in front of everyone. Shut your detractors up. If you finish that guy, if you knock him out, then you’ll be free, you’ll be happy to take the microphone and to say that you’re done. To say that you are giving your place to others,'” said Midoux.

“I told him ‘finish well, Georges, and have the courage to take the microphone and to thank everyone.’ Those who won’t understand are those who have nothing to understand. They’re selfish. It’s time for him to think about himself. It’s the greatest gift he can give to himself. He could take advantage of what life has to offer and start a family.”

“Personally, I’d love for it to happen like that,” said Midoux. “I’d really like for him not to make the same mistake that so many fighters have made. I wouldn’t want him to go on until he’s 35 years old. He has plans.

“I told him to be selfish. It’s not true that you can have a family and children and remain at the highest level of the sport. He took my advice. If Georges really wants to start a family, he’ll have to do it after his career. At 32 years old, the time is right for him to do that. People want to see him in the cage until he’s 40, but at 40, he’ll be a has-been with no wife and no kids.”