Building the perfect UFC Fighter

A viewer had asked if you were to build the perfect UFC fighter, what would you build?  Here’s what I think.  What do you guys think?  Continue the discussion in the forum. 

Reach – Jon Jones – 84.5 Inches.
Creativity – Jon Jones – Spinning elbows.
Chin – Dan Henderson – Chin made of cement block.  Never been Knocked out.
Cardio – Nick Diaz – Can put a pace on people that melts then while taking punishment.
Heart – Diego Sanchez – See BJ Penn fight and Martin Kampann fight.
Wrestling -Chael Sonnen – See Nate Marquardt fight and Anderson Silva fight.
Smack Talking – Chael Sonnen – Every fight.
Clinch and knees – Anderson Silva – See Rich Franklin’s nose.
Jiu Jitsu – Demian Maia – 4 sub of the night awards – See Chael Sonnen fight.
Sub Defense – Ben Henderson – Bending in ways that doesn’t seem humanly possible .
– Junior Dos Santos –Fast, Accurate, KO Power.
Muay Thai –Anderson Silva – He goes into matrix mode once he has you figured out- see Forest Griffin and Yushin Okami fights.
Ground and Pound – Mark Munoz – see Chris Leben fight.  Munoz’s power is gross.
Finishing Prowess – Carlos Condit – Has finished all but 1 of his fights that he has won.  26 finishes.
Excitingness – Chris Lylte –  A total of 9 Fight, Sub and KO of the night awards.
Knee to the balls –
Cheick Kongo, Cheick Kongo, Cheick Kongo.