Datsusara Hemp Combat Gi (HCG-03) Review

Datsusara Hemp Combat Gi (HCG-03) Review

Hemp is all the rage in the Jiu Jitsu Gi market this year with several companies entering the mix just like the Submission Fight Company Hemp Sensation Gi I recently reviewed. Datsusara, a pioneer of hemp products was kind enough to send me their recent iteration of their already popular Hemp Combat Gi.

As Chris, the owner of Datsusara, was kind enough to point out this is the third generation version of this Gi. The first was a 55/45 hemp cotton blend similar to the Hemp Sensation from Submission Fight Company. The second generation released as the first 100% hemp Gi, which also happens to be the case with the HCG-03 we are reviewing today.

As of this review, Datsusara is still the only company manufacturing 100% Hemp Gi’s.

Measurements Taken Pre and Post Wash of A3 Gi

Post wash is after several weeks of use with hot water washes and mostly air drying. The Gi was placed in the dryer on gentle after the first wash only


Datsusara Gi Jacket

One of my favorite things about this ultra comfortable jacket is the color. You do not see many naturally white gi’s these days and Datsusara pulls it off with subtle styling.

The jacket is minimalist by design, with the only markings being the Japanese Mon crest representing hemp on the left arm and upper back.

A 17oz long fiber weave gives the gi breathability, comfort and durability for the long haul. *One note here, my jacket took four or five washes to stop shedding material during washing. If you are washing this with other items, be sure they are not black or you will end up with fuzz all over everything. Once dry the GI does not shed, it’s just during the washing cycle.

Not that I would, because my wife already thinks I’m crazy enough but this jacket could nearly double as a sweatshirt when clean. It is amazingly soft and seems to get softer with each wash. It dries quickly when hung up and could definitely be used for two a day morning/night classes given that it holds no smell even after a hard rolling session.

Datsusara Gi Pants

Maybe it’s the hemp drawstring or just design of the pants, but these things do not fall off while rolling. Every single Gi I own has this problem. You start to get warmed up, you retie your pants. You do a few techniques, you re-tie your pants. You have a hard roll, you re-tie your pants. The HCG-03 does not give me this problem. I tie it once before class and don’t have to mess with it again till the end. That alone is worth the price of admission for me!

In Conclusion

No you can’t smoke this gi to get high, as all the guys at the gym keep ribbing me about every time I wear it. You can however be sure that this gi will be comfortable and fun to roll in each and every time on the mats. I must say that between this and the Hemp Sensation, I’m having a really hard time going back to anything not made of partial or 100% hemp.

If you like simply designed products that are comfortable, durable and most of all environmentally sustainable, you should definitely give the HCG-03 from Datsusara a look.