Submission Fight Co. Hemp Sensation Gi Review


I had the pleasure of reviewing the Submission Light Gi last fall so naturally was curious to take a look at the brand new Hemp Sensation Gi just released to the masses from Submission Fight Company. Hemp proponents claim that it is superior to cotton in many ways and we were very eager to see if this product lives up to the large amount of hype behind it.


Benefits of Hemp as Per The Manufacturer

– Strength : Hemp is nature’s strongest fiber
– Antimicrobial :  Naturally antimicrobial and protects from bacteria, fungus or mold
– Green : Hemp is natural and good for the environment
– Breathable : Hemp is much softer and breathable compared to cotton
– Comfort : Hemp fabric is smooth, four times softer than cotton


Weight  Specs From Submission Fight Co. By Size

A1: 3lbs – 0ozs
A2: 3lbs – 6ozs
A3: 3lbs – 12ozs – This is the size we received
A4: 4lbs – 1ozs
A5: 4lbs – 5ozs


Measurements Taken Pre and Post Wash of A3 Gi








* Post wash is after several weeks of use with hot water washes and mostly air drying. The Gi was placed in the dryer on gentle after the first wash only.

A 175cm /168cm
B 86cm /83cm
C 59cm /56cm
D 18cm /17.5cm
E 102cm /99cm
F 25cm /25cm
G 71cm /69cm

As you can see above, there is barely any shrinkage so you should definitely buy this Gi to fit, not to shrink to your size.


The Jacket

The jacket features a nice blend of 70% Hemp to 30% cotton which is surprisingly soft to the touch. For some reason my expectation of hemp was that it would be a lot rougher than cotton. Submission Fight Co has designed this single weave with some very subtle embroidery along the shoulders and no logo tape anywhere on the sleeves or pants giving the jacket a very minimalist look versus many other Gi designs on the market.



A tight shot of the single weave close up. 


Plenty of breathing room with the side vents.


Nice and comfortable sleeves and armpits with plenty of reinforcings.


The lapel was pretty stiff before the first wash but has softened up a bit over the past couple of weeks. My favorite part of this design is that collar chokes aren’t so rough on the neck as with other types of fabric. I’m not saying I enjoy getting choked any more in this Gi but if I had to pick one Gi to be choked with, the Hemp Sensation would be my first choice.



Finally a pair of pants that feel comfortable from top to bottom! There have been many days after rolling on the mats that I’ve had burns from rougher fabric on parts of my legs. This pair of pants feels every bit as comfortable as they look with plenty of room in the crotch area and a nice length even after several washes.

There are five belt loops with a rope drawstring, which seemed odd at first but the single loop in the middle does a very effective job of keeping these from falling down during tough sparring sessions.


Closing Thoughts

The problem with this Gi is that it’s so comfortable that wearing anything else to roll in is difficult. It seems to get softer with every wash and doesn’t hold sweaty BJJ stench as badly. I’ll admit it, last week I left it in my bag after rolling totally sweat soaked for two days before realizing it. When I pulled it out of the bag, to my surprise the Gi hardly smelled at all and was completely dry. After a few weeks with the Gi, it has quickly become my favorite and I reach for it more than others in my closet.


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