Datsusara Discount Code

Datsusara Discount Code

datsusara discount code

Datsusara discount code. Datsusara is a Japanese phrase meaning “to leave the salaried/corporate worker’s life”. Christopher S. Odell founded Datsusara in 2007 because, as an avid sports participant (in Mixed Martial Arts), he couldn’t find gear that met his needs. Datsusara has a single goal. Their goal is to make functional high quality gear.

Datsusara gear is manufactured to be as strong and versatile as military gear. They also incorporate the most functional textiles nature has to offer. They often use green materials like hemp and bamboo, which are not only extremely durable but also breathable and anti-microbial.

Datsusara Gi

Much of the Datsusara gear was originally designed specifically for the MMA practitioner’s needs. They also make gear for anyone seeking a unique, durable, high quality product to get them through the adventures of life. Whether in the cage, on vacation or simply dealing with a daily commute. They have the gear to get you through.

This gear is not for everyone. It’s not essential gear. you’ll discover it’s the gear that you’ve always wanted. If you’re tired of “making do” with what’s on the market, Datsusara is for you.

Datsusara Gi Review

You can read our Datsusara Gi review here. Also, our Datsusara Bag Review.

The Datsusara lifestyle means spending more of your time doing the things you love to do.

Datsusara makes all types of high end gear from Bags, backpacks, shirts, and shorts. Be sure to use our Datsusara coupon code to save the most money and get some awesome gear.

Datsusara BattlePack

The Datsusara Battlepack is one of the most durable and largest backpacks that Datsuara offers. There are 3 types of Datsusara Battle Packs: Battlepack Pro, Battlepack Core, and the Battlepack Mini

Datsusara gear is some of the most durable gear on the planet. It has great anti-microbial properties because of the quality of materials used to produce the gear. Buy your Datsusara gear today and get ready for some gear that is extremely durable.