UFC on FOX 20 Results | MMANUTS MMA Podcast | EP # 301

UFC on FOX 20 Results

UFC on FOX 20 Results [6:33]
Felice Herrig [7:06]
Gilbert Melendez vs Edson Barboza [8:28]
Holly Holm vs Valentina Shevchenko [9:26]
Jon Jones tests positive for 2 estrogen blockers and his brother fails a test in the NFL [11:23]
Jon Jones’ manager makes weird statements on Chael Sonnen’s podcast [14:51]
Mark Hunt wants to start a fighter’s union [18:40]
Chael Sonnen is no longer suspended [20:20]
Nick Diaz comes off of suspension on August 1st, who should he fight first? [22:55]
Nate Diaz is going on Conan O’Brien [23:40]
Chad Mends gets a 2 year suspension, should he retire and fight elsewhere? [25:52]
Is 2 years fair for your first drug test violation? [28:26]
Dan Henderson is retiring win or lose after his fight against Michael Bisping [32:23]

Why do fighter’s, that have been champions, believe that the championship belt is theirs? They say things like – I have to get my belt back. You’re holding my belt. [35:20]

How will Jon Jones find the inner strength to overcome the latest round of challenges that have been forced upon him? [36:14]

If the UFC signs Rico Verhoeven, do you think he will do well in the UFC’s Heavyweight Division? [36:25]

With all the issues with USADA, do you think we will see the UFC start manufacturing supplements? [37:17]

Which fighter was saltier? Rockhold after losing to Bisping or Hunt after losing to Lesnar? [38:11]

Worse kick beating, Aldo/Faber or Barboza/Melendez? [39:08]

Should FOX break info a live fight mid round for a fucking thunderstorm warning? Thinking NO [40:13]

Would you rather take a punch from Mark Hunt or a head kick from Donald Cerrone? [41:38]

Do you think there should be an open weight tournament every 4 years, to liven things up in UFC? [42:05]

What you guys think of this list of Kenny Florian Top 5 Fan Favorite Fighters? How many you agree and how many he got wrong? [42:50]

5-B.J. Penn

4-Robbie Lawler

3-Jon Jones

2-Ronda Rousey

1-Conor McGregor

Would you rather fuck Cat Zingano in the ass but have to fight Mark Hunt for 5 rounds without the possibility of taping out or fuck Gina Carano in the ass but have to fight Brock Lesnar for 5 rounds without the possibility of taping out? [46:20]

Borderlands The Handsome Jack Collection [47:57]

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