JDS vs Rothwell Recap | UFC 199 Weight Cutting | USADA | MMANUTS MMA Podcast | EP # 286

JDS vs Rothwell Recap

UFC 200 [1:37]
JDS vs Rothwell Recap [2:37]
Reebok Gear is top notch [4:09]
JDS vs Rothwell [5:06]

GSP get his own TV Show [8:43]
Jon Jones on the MMA Hour [10:21]
Jon Jones vs OSP [11:42]
Donald Cerrone vs Anthony Pettis and Jon Jones vs Yoel Romero sparring at Jackson/Winkeljohn’s [13:21]
Yoel Romero and USADA come to an agreement on his suspension [17:25]
USADA informs Frank Mir of a failed drug test [18:51]
USADA Random Drug Testing Watch [21:14]
UFC 199 in California will have the new weight cutting procedures in effect. How many fights will get cancelled? [23:22]
Wanderlei Silva want to fight Kimbo Slice in Bellator [27:40]
Tyson Fury vs Vladimir Klitschko is happening on the same day as UFC 200 [29:16]
King Mo doesn’t think Conor McGregor is the creator of “Money Weight Fights” in MMA [32:17]
Veryne Troyer is upset at Jon Jones for using the term “Mental Midget” [35:26]

Create the worst fighter using elements from top fighters [38:38]

Would you rather work more hours per day, but less days OR work less hours per day, but more days? [41:48]

Would you rather drive extremely tired OR drive high? [42:09]

Would you rather make 1 new law of your choice OR get rid of any 1 law of your choice? [42:28]

Would you rather never be able to shower again OR never be able to see your reflection in the mirror again? [42:54]

Would you rather sleep with Cat Zingano or Gina Carano? [44:00]

Dachshunds playing hockey [44:31]

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