Fury vs Wilder Recap | MMANUTS MMA Podcast | EP # 408

Fury vs Wilder Recap

Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder Recap [2:13]
UFC Recap [11:00]
UFC 231 [12:37]
Sage Northcutt signs with One FC [15:16]
Carlos Condit flame throwing [17:10]
Golden Boy MMA PPV results plus live gate [17:45]
Jon Jones CSAC [20:21]
Anderson Silva thinks GSP has avoided big challenges [21:55]
BJ Penn finalizing a 4 fight contract extension [23:24]
Kron Gracie vs Alex Carceras [24:07]
155 tournament [24:30]

Tweet of the week

Which MMA fighter’s life story would you most like to see be made into a biopic?

Is it viable for a legends league to begin?
I heard Vitor Belfort talking about this and I was really keen on the idea..however after seeing Liddell vs Ortiz 3 I’ve gone off it a bit. Do you guys think that fight has put people off wanting to see legends fight each other?

If you had to choose between watching terrible boring mma or watching a loop of your most embarrassing moments which would you choose.

1) Would you rather be shot 9 times and survive, but the recovering process be the most painful experience of all time OR Would you rather that CM Punk goes on a 30 fight winning streak in the UFC, which can only be explained as a miracle of god, with him winning the middleweight, welterweight and lightweight championship? 

2) Is time for the ladies! I ask you guys a similar question, so I want to see what has changed. Choose one current UFC fighter to be your mom, one to be your sister and one to be your daughter.

3) Hey guys, Ingo win last test, so he will be able to bang Gina Carano and to call himself the “Sugar Daddy”, congrats Ingo. Now it’s time for Matt to take the quiz. Are you going to be able to earn the right to call yourself the “Rape Train” and bang Mackenzie Dern? Or are you a loser? You need 3 right questions to win. Here it goes:
Question 1) UFC 100 was held in what city? Answer: Las Vegas, Nevada.
Question 2) How many times have Andrei Arlovski and Tim Sylvia fought each other? Answer: Four. 
Question 3) Nate Diaz compete and won which Ultimate Fighter? Answer: Ultimate Fighter #5.
Question 4) His reign as UFC Champion was the longest of all the divisions. Who is he? Answer: Anderson Silva
Question 5) Mirko Filipovic, AKA “Cro-Cop”, suffered his first MMA knockout loss in which match? Answer: His 2004 fight with Kevin Randleman
Redemption Question) Who was the first person to handle Rich Franklin a professional MMA loss?. Answer: Lyoto Machida in 2003.

F*** Marry Kill “Celebrity Edition #24” (Glamour Models #5) Amii Grove, Nicola McLean, Peta Todd


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