Wrestling to Remain in the Olympics After All

Olympic Wrestling was for some reason in peril, up for a vote where it could have lost out to softball and squash for a spot in the next few summer games. What’s funny about that is eve if you aren’t into wrestling at all, it would be removed for softball or squash, two sports that seem to have a bit less of a legacy in comparison. Needless to say, it left a lot of people scratching their heads, and a lot of people involved with wrestling throughout the country fretting about wrestling programs disappearing along with the sport from the Olympics.

The good news is that the IOC had a vote today and that wrestling is still in. This means that toddlers in the midwest can continue wrestling training with hopes of one day going to the Olympics, or that a kid in high school who has worked literally his whole life to wrestle in the Olympics still has a shot, which is important, right?