Sarah McMann says Ronda Rousey made some mistakes

I’m truly concerned for Ronda Rousey in this Sarah McMann fight. Here we have a fellow Olympic badass, undefeated, and not afraid of anything. Is Ronda’s judo powerful enough to stop Sarah’s Olympic-level wrestling? Is her wrestling powerful enough to stop her judo? Who has the advantage on the feet?

We will know in less than 8 weeks.

It’s surprising that Ronda is taking a fight this quickly, what’s not surprising is Sarah McMann refusing to show her hand. Or so she said to MMAJunkie:

“Both girls did some things very well,” McMann said of the fight. “Both girls obviously made mistakes, like every fight you ever see.”

“There’s no time that any of us go out there and don’t reveal something, even if Miesha couldn’t exploit it, she revealed it.

“If it were somebody that were making minute technical errors in striking, I would have a harder time exploiting it considering my background. But when people make a grappling error, I’m in a great position.”