Well Look What We Have Here: In-Game Screenshot From EA Sports UFC


I’ll admit this right from the start here; I’m a gamer, I am a person who plays videogames on a regular basis and enjoys the hell out of them. So the pending release of EA Sports UFC is a big deal, for a number of reasons. I’m one of those people who found EA MMA to be superior in many ways to THQ’s UFC games. I liked THQ’s UFC games — a lot — but compared to the striking and smoothness of EA MMA it felt really off.

So the excitement of EA handling the UFC license still hasn’t really worn off, in fact, it is one of the main reasons that I feel the need to buy a next generation console. So it better not suck. We’ve seen a lot of teasers for EA Sports UFC, but it hasn’t been clear what was in-game and what was pre-rendered, but this screenshot from the “roster reveal” today shows us what is an actual in-game screenshot from EA Sports UFC and of course, it is of Jon Jones.

What do you think? It looks pretty good, considering what we’ve seen in past games. [source]

Jon Jones

EA Sports UFC Jon Jones