Watch Phil Baroni’s Horrific Ankle Break From One FC 9

Look, if there is one fighter on the planet that most of us respect or at least think is one of the coolest guys in the sport, it is Phil Baroni. Wins and losses don’t matter because Phil Baroni is an original gangster when it comes to MMA. He embodies everything that was awesome about MMA before the UFC was reinvented and became what it is today; he’s cocky, he’s cool, he swings for the fences at all times, etc.

I mean, Phil Baroni was on the cover of the UFC game “Sudden Impact,” kneeing the now deceased Charles “Mask” Lewis in the face. C’mon.

Baroni is still at it, he’s still making ring card girls swoon and showing up in highlight reels, although it is sometimes under questionable circumstances, like today. Baroni fought at One FC 9 against Nobutatsu Suzuki and things were going kind of alright, outside of him being up against the cage having to dodge fists, when his ankle suffered a compound fracture. Baroni immediately fell over — because his ankle was flopping around — and Suzuki started to rain down punches on the poor Baroni before the ref stepped in.

We have the GIF of the whole thing and man, it is some gnarly stuff.