Wait, so Dan Henderson isn’t guaranteed a title shot with a win over Cormier?


I think we were all under the impression that the winner of the Dan Henderson/Daniel Cormier fight would go on to fight the winner of the Bones/Gus rematch, right? It seems like that has been said plenty of times, but now, Dana White has come out with this, per MMA Fighting:

“Obviously if Hendo pulls off this upset, it’s huge, huge. He pulls off the upset against Shogun [Rua], he pulls off a huge upset against Cormier, we’ll see. … Its just stupid to talk about now because [Jones] is fighting Gustafsson, and that fight’s not happening until fall, and we still gotta get through that fight, and then we see where he’s at. Who’s to say Cormier and Henderson, whoever wins this fight, doesn’t want to take a fight between now and then? Or if they get hurt, anything can happen.”

Is this a Hendo thing, or what? Will the time between potential fights make Cormier want to fight one more? Does this apply to him? I’m confused.