UFC 175: EA Sports UFC Simulations

If you’re a fan of the NFL you’ve probably seen the Madden simulations of real NFL games. EA Sports does these to predict the winner before the actual game takes place.

Well EA has decided to do a similar simulation with EA Sports UFC.

The fights that were simulated were UFC 175’s main event between Chris Weidman and Lyoto Machida; as well as the co-main event between Ronda Rousey and Alexis Davis.

We saw the UFC Middleweight champ go toe-to-toe with Lyoto Machida, eventually securing the takedown and finishing the fight via TKO in round two. As for Rousey vs. Davis, we saw a fire-fight in round one, which led to an Alexis Davis takedown. However, round two was all Rousey as she sent Davis for a ride with a beautiful throw and finished the fight with her patented armbar.

While I don’t see these fights going exactly as simulated, I have to say I do agree with the winners of both.

Check out the simulations: