Tyrone Spong Releases Statement Post-Surgery

This weekend was a bittersweet weekend for Tyrone Spong, to say the least. Spong went through an emotional journey heading into GLORY 15, losing his close friend and uncle within weeks of each other, but he powered forward. His first fight at GLORY 15’s Light Heavyweight tournament was against the incredibly dangerous Saulo Cavalari, where both men traded blows for three rounds, ultimately seeing Tyrone with his hand raised.

So where did things go wrong for Tyrone Spong? When he went to hit a low kick on Gokhan Saki and the kick was checked, causing Spong’s shin to snap. Ouch. So what’s going on with Tyrone Spong? Here is a statement from him via his management.

“I want my family, friends and fans to know that I’m okay. The trip home to Florida was a long one and I am thankful to be back in Florida. I had surgery this morning and it went perfectly.

My Doctors said it turned out to be a clean break and they feel confident that I will recover 100%. They said I can be training for a fight as early as 6 months if I rehab properly. I feel very optimistic. Thank you all for your support.”